Stella Ouroumi

The Commercial Correspondent and Foreign Trade Consultant of PRCONNEXION , Ms Stella Ouroumi, studied “International Trade, Marketing and Business Communication” at the Brighton University. The Greek national was born in Germany and gained working experience in executive assistant positions at Daimler &Chrysler subsidiary "Debis".

In 1995 Stella Ouroumi moved to Athens and worked for the Lufthansa Management Airport Services as Management Assistant for the regions Greece, Cyprus and Israel. In June 2003, together with her partner Christiane Hensel-Gatos, she founded the agency PRCONNEXION O.E.

During the last years Stella Ouroumi has established a trustful and reliable relation with the Greek media. Today she is well integrated within the Greek society, while at the same time keeps close contacts with the local media in Germany, expanding collaborations and foreign relations.

Stella Ouroumi holds the position of Director International Relations and keeps regular contacts with international media, organisations, institutions and esteemed partners, enhancing international sponsoring cooperations. She is responsible for the Financial Department of PRCONNEXION.

ouroumi foto